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Chinese electronics giant Xiaomi may be best known for smartphones such as the innovative Mi Mix, but it also makes a wide variety of other products, from televisions to drones. Sadly, the majority aren’t sold outside Asia, and many aren’t compatible with U.S. networks or systems. One Xiaomi product you can easily buy without such concerns is the Xiaomi Mi Band 2. It’s a fitness tracker with a heart rate sensor and a super-bright OLED screen and a sequel to the simple, yet cheap original Mi Band. Extra features usually mean an increase in price — but that’s not Xiaomi’s style at all.

There’s no shortage of fitness trackers, and although the Mi Band 2 is very affordable, has the wonderful simplicity of the original been lost — and does it still represent the value it once did?

Design and comfort

The Mi Band 2 looks very similar to the original Mi Band. There’s a central core module that pops into a slim, silicone strap, allowing you to swap it out for straps in different colors. Once the core is in place, it’s not going anywhere at all and is more securely fastened in than the original Mi Band had been (its core would sometimes pop out unexpectedly). Although soft, the silicone isn’t floppy and is secured with a pop stud and small loop. The strap is also super secure, with almost zero chance of it coming loose or falling off.

The Mi Band 2 is easy to put on with one hand, and it’s considerably more compact than most modern Fitbit trackers, such as the Fitbit Blaze. Because of this it’s suitable for all wrist sizes, and doesn’t look out of place on the thin-wristed.

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