A new pair of headphones can make you fall in love with music all over again. They're a superb way of taking a big step up in listening quality for a relatively small amount of money. The very best headphones bring a newly-minted feel to your old favorite songs and allow you to appreciate tracks you ever thought you liked before.

But there are many types to chose from in-ears, on-ears, over-ears, Bluetooth, noise-canceling. If you want a pair for home use, to plug into your hi-fi system or portable music player, then a pair of over-ear headphones is best. You'll then have to choose whether you want open-backs (which leak sound) or the more typical closed-backs (which don't).

To use with your smartphone, you'll have to decide whether you want the uber-portability of in-ear headphones or the less intrusive fit of on-ears - and both styles vary in budgets hugely.