Halo Ring Lights

If you want to make totally awesome videos or take rad pictures like a pro, you need to have good illumination. Today’s photo studios are making use of the best ring lights. They are all the rage these days because they highlight the windows into your soul (the eyes), minimize shadows, and offer even, radial illumination that conceals skin imperfections. This makes these devices ideal for close-ups and portraits photography, like when you want to show off the gorgeous new hair color job you just spent four hours on.

The two main types of ring light lamps are LED and fluorescent. We can’t give you a blanket answer for which is better. They both have their pluses and minuses. LED lamps supply a minor pink shade, while fluorescent lamps are on the green side. Plus, fluorescent lamps emit diffused light, but the LED lamps are more directional. When it comes to durability, nothing beats LEDs. So, you should choose an LED ring light if you plan on traveling to different places to take photos.