Desktop PC

A well-geared PC is a great ally to have for gamers, especially in competitive games where 10 FPS can make a difference. If you don’t have the hardware to push your talents further, you can only get so far.

Though it’s hard to have the same level of customizability with prebuilt gaming PCs, they’ve come a long way and are directly challenging DIY PCs in every aspect. Finding the “best” PC depends on your usage, needs, and budget. Luckily, most competitive games aren’t that demanding and you can still play the most recent AAA games with a mid-range PC.

Buying a top-of-the-line PC may seem like overkill if you aren’t a streamer or an “ultra” settings addict, but they’re still the way to go for anyone who wants to be future-proof. The market is quite competitive and finding the PC of your dreams can turn into a time-consuming task.